Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Learned to Drive the Truck

The house building process is slow going, our drafter has finished The Floridian's plans and they're finally going to the engineer for review. When the engineer gives us the green light we'll submit the permit paperwork and shortly thereafter we'll be breaking ground! 

In the meantime, we've been prepping the logs that turned into lumber, another post if I stop dragging my heels, setting up the power pole, hooking up to city water and Chip teaching me how to drive our truck, which is a manual transmission.  The latter has been the most problematic issue these past couple months. We acquired the truck last summer and talked about how I would need to learn but our differences in approaching this task resulted in the compromise of following Chip's "we'll get to it, just not right now." In the past two months we've run into a handful of times where we're at The Floridian and we forgot ______ or we need to run to Ace Hardware for _____ and have been forced to stop everything to leave the site - which has been very aggravating, to say the least.  

My lack of ability to drive a stick shift finally came to a head and Chip conceded. This morning seemed the perfect day to fit in with the Sunday drivers - we drove to a mostly empty parking lot and set to work. About an hour later we took to the road and drove past Paynes Prairie then back to our home. Chip reports that I did pretty good. I'm satisfied and glad to know I can be more helpful at the site.   


  1. You go girl! *sassy snap, snap* I bet your an expert by now

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