Here's where you can find all my posts in a quick, easy format and from the beginning - if like me you hate to jump around and want to hear the story from beginning.

11/23/16 Welcome - My first post!

11/27/16 Naming Our Home

12/2/16 Eyes Wide Open

12/19/16 The Building Permit

12/21/16 The First 6 Months: Part 1

12/26/16 The First 6 Months: Part 2

1/2/17 Brainstorming about our Dream Home

1/29/17 Operation Poop Tank Installation

3/5/17 I Learned to Drive the Truck

7/20/17 The Fruits of Our Land

7/20/17 Finally an Update...Thank You for Your Patience

9/24/17 The Southeastern Builders Conference

11/3/17 Breaking Ground - The 1st Inspection

11/12/17 The Floridian's Layout

1/15/18 Laying the Foundation - The 2nd Inspection

2/18/18 Stem wall & Mudsill - 3rd Inspection

12/28/18 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words